Saipan Resort Mt. Ngile Riverside

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Today is summer and the heat is on. We at our company L&K┬átogether with the team of IT,QA, Eng’g and the production department searched a place which is not a usual place like a pool or beach.

We found this place Saipan Resort which is a nice place to re-fresh your overheated body. Nipa hut are along are streaming fresh water. These has rental fee of 300 pesos (as of today) and it can hold 10 person. If you have a car it is no worry for you can park it on a shaded area. The way there is a 200 meter dirt road after the concrete road. i will provide you a map in the google map.

The location of the place is at San Jose Tarlac. It is along the way if you are going to Monasterio De Tarlac. Here is the exact location of the resort. Click here. if you use waze search for ‘Mt. Ngile Riverside Picnic Ground”

Please note that there are other who claim to be the resort who was air in the news. They also claim that the place was closed due to someone died there. Please do not believed them they just want you to use their place instead.

Here are some link I captured during our stay there.

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